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Best Year-Round Candle Scents

We love a good, themed candle like Mango Pina Colada or Spiced Candy just as the next candle lover, but sometimes all we want is a candle that’s good for year-round, no matter the time of year. If you’re looking for a year-round candle, here are our favorite:


If you’re looking for a fresh scent with hints of floral and a little bit of sweetness, Cardiff is the candle for you. Cardiff was named after Cardiff Hill in St. Ann, Jamaica because this scent is reminiscent of the fresh air and blooming flowers in the area. The scent starts with a fresh, spa like aroma and develops with notes of wood and green leaves and gets its sweetness from notes of pineapple and coconut. Cardiff is our bestselling scent, year-round.

Caribbean Sea

Mysteriously fresh, sweet, salty, and deep is how we describe Caribbean Sea. A great year-round staple if you love fresh scents with a twist, Caribbean Sea is it. The candle pays homage to the mysterious and intriguing past of the Caribbean Sea. The scent is a careful combination of airy and deep scents. If you love scents with sandalwood and musk, look no further. The deep and sultry notes are combined with eucalyptus to maintain an element of freshness.  Caribbean Sea is right for you if you love deep but fresh scents.

Sugarcane Java

Coffee lovers unite! Sugarcane Java is a coffee lover’s dream with notes of coffee, sugar and cream. This is candle is a staple on our work desk. If you love coffee scented candles but don’t want an overly sweet candle, Sugarcane Java is just right for you.


If you like a good earthy scent, you’ll love Fireside. This scent is a truly intriguing blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, saffron, amber palo santo and cardamom. The combination of these notes produces a well-balanced fresh and earth scent. Fireside is a perfect way to bring the outdoors in and is perfect if you love earthy scents.

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